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Music Educators


Welcome Music Educators

We hope you will consider encouraging your students to attend one of our many camp options.  Foster Music Camp has served students for over 84 years. Students receive instruction from professionals(majority are college professors), outstanding performance and rehearsal facilities, a packed daily schedule full of masterclasses, lessons, small ensembles, chamber groups, large ensembles, theory classes, conducting classes,recitals, concerts, recreational activities, etc...  

Do you ever wish you had a few more moments to help students one on one? 

Do you wish your students could have the chance to work with a professional on their particular instrument/voice part? 

Do you wish your students had more enthusiasm for music? 

Do you wish your students could see how much better they could become or how much talent they already have? 

If yes to any of these questions then  sending them to Foster Camp is the perfect solution.  

And The Best Part For Teachers...

  Foster Music Camp is an excellent venue to keep your students motivated

and enthusiastic in music throughout the summer months without any extra hours for

you! The only work required  is to share information about our camp with your students and families. Once they get to our website and want to sign up or have questions we'll take it from there. 

Sounds great but how do I get the information about your camp to my students and their families?

Use the downloads below to help promote our camps. You may print, copy, edit, send, share, etc... You can make these your own as needed or keep it simple and use what we have. We know you are busy and want to make this easy. You will find the following  downloads below. 

1. FMC Brochure

2. FMC Poster

3. A generic Letter to easily copy and paste and send out via email or pass out in class to encourage your students. Email to parents is great, quick, easy, and done win a few moments. 

4. Facebook link to our facebook page. Please share with any students, parents or booster groups you may have contact with. 

5. If you use Remind texting service, see the remind document below. Its ready to cut and paste into your remind app or website and fits the number of characters for one text. 

Again, please feel free to edit anything as you wish to make it your own. The goal of these items is to make your life simple (as we know how busy you)


2019 FMC Brochure (pdf)


2019 Foster Camp Poster (pdf)


Remind Texting Service (docx)


Generic Email/Letter in PDF (pdf)


Generic Email/Letter In Word (docx)