Middle School Band and String Camp


Middle School Band Camp

During the Middle School Band Camp emphasis is placed on daily  involvement with the faculty of the camp. Students begin their day with  Skill Development Classes designed to expand their understanding of  their instrument and their playing skills. Warm-up techniques, exercises  to develop range and technical skill, understanding of breath control -  all the elements of playing the instruments are stressed.

Large group experiences in concert band and the complete symphony  orchestra are a part of the program. Students not only rehearse twice  daily in these groups but also are involved in daily sectional  rehearsals, again under the direction of the faculty specialists. A  final concert at the end of the week serves as a culminating experience  for the camp.

Each student also participates in like-instrument small ensemble  groups - flute choir, brass choir, clarinet choir, percussion ensemble,  etc...all designed to open new horizons in their playing experience and  expand their knowledge and playing skills on their instrument. Again,  the faculty specialists on each instrument are working with the  students.

Middle School String Camp

Middle school string players have a great opportunity to make music with  our fun and knowledgeable Foster Camp faculty members. Musically, the  Middle School Orchestra camp will include instrument classes,  sectionals, and rehearsals with the Middle School String Orchestra, all  set in a lively, inspiring environment. 

In addition to these high-quality musical  experiences, students will have excellent social experiences, including a  picnic, movies, parties, and a dance, among other planned events. If  you want to get better on your instrument and have a great time, come  and join us at the Foster Middle School Orchestra camp! (see bottom of  page for afternoon activities and string schedule examples)


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Schedule Examples

Click below to download a schedule example of a typical week at Middle School Band Camp. 

Middle School Band Example (pdf)


Middle School String Example (pdf)