High School Vocal Camp

Musical Experiences

The Foster Vocal Camp provides three distinct musical experiences.  The Concert Choir performs interesting choral music from each of the  historical periods — Renaissance to music of living composers. Campers  will sing under Eastern Kentucky University's Director of Choral  Activities, Dr. Richard Waters.

Campers have an opportunity to attend a daily voice class with a  professional teacher and study voice privately at the rate of $20 per  half-hour lesson. Advanced vocalists will be chosen by the faculty to  perform for parents, relatives and friends on the Thursday evening  choral concert in Brock Auditorium.

Also, advanced vocal campers will have an opportunity to perform in  several select madrigal ensembles, drawn from the greater camp Concert  Choir. These chamber groups will perform short programs of madrigal  music on Friday’s final concert.

Scholarships and Financial Aid Available

Scholarships and Financial Assistance is available click here for information. 

Afternoon Activities

Afternoon activities are planned each evening for the campers.  Activities include, but are not limited to, tennis, soccer, basketball,  swimming, kickball, softball, movies, indoor/outdoor games, board games,  video game tournaments, etc. We offer several afternoon activities each  evening allowing students to choose their favorites.


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High School Vocal Camp Schedule Example:

High School Vocal Schedule Example (pdf)