High School String Camp


String Camp Week One

Students who choose to come to the first week of High School Strings  Camp will participate in the String Orchestra and string chamber music  ensembles under the direction of our experienced faculty. The week will  culminate with performances by the chamber ensembles and the string  orchestra concert on Friday night.

String Camp Week Two

During the second week of camp, the string students will be joined by  select band students to form a Symphony Orchestra. The focus of this  week is to perform a major piece of symphony music on the final concert,  and students will experience master classes, sectionals, and rehearsals  with our Foster Camp faculty. In summer of 2007, the Foster High School  Symphony performed an entire Beethoven symphony on the final concert.  This is an experience that could only be had at Foster-no other youth  orchestras in the Central Kentucky area perform full symphonies! Of  course, it’s not just about music-there will be plenty of social  opportunities, including movies, dances, and the biggest water-balloon  fight in Richmond! If you love making music and having fun, come join us  at Foster Orchestra camp!

What Do Most Students Attend One or Two Weeks?

The vast majority of our campers attend both weeks of High School Strings Camp. The one week options are available if needed or preferred by campers but most attend both sessions. 

Recreational Activities

Afternoon activities are planned each evening for the campers.  Activities include, but are not limited to, tennis, soccer, basketball,  swimming, kickball, softball, movies, indoor/outdoor games, board games,  video game tournaments, etc. We offer several afternoon activities each  evening allowing students to choose their favorites.


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High School String Camp Schedule Examples:

High School String Camp Week 1 Schedule Example (pdf)


High School String Camp Week 2 Schedule Example (pdf)