Frequently Asked QuestionS


"Graduating 8th Grade Students" - Which Camp Should I Attend?

Graduating 8th graders who are continuing into 9th grade have the  option of attending Middle School Camp or High School Camp(or both).  When deciding which is appropriate for your child please consider the  following two questions:

1. Social Maturity - is the student ready for interaction with older students grades 9th-12th?

2. Music Maturity - is the student ready for more difficult musical  literature? We suggest consulting your local music director for  assistance with this question.

If you answered YES to both questions then more than likely High  School Camp is the optimum choice. If you answered NO to either  question, you may want to consider Middle School Camp. On average about  half of the graduating 8th graders attending camp choose to attend  Middle School Camp while the other half attend High School Camp. 

What are the Living Accommodations?

All campers will be housed in one of the Residence Halls on the Eastern  Kentucky University Campus. Carefully selected counselors will be  present at all times to supervise the activity of the students. Two  students will be housed in each room. Roommates are assigned on the  basis of age unless requests are made in advance of camp opening for a  specific roommate. Changes in rooming assignments after the camp opens  is not permitted.  Each room is furnished with a small refrigerator and guest wifi access. 

What Meals are Served?

All meals are served cafeteria(all you can eat buffet) style at the  EKU Student Center. Eastern Kentucky University Dining Services,  provided by Aramark, maintains a consistently high quality of food and  carefully balanced meals. The first meal for resident campers will be  served on the evening of registration for camp. Students arriving before  that time or staying after will be responsible for their own meals.  Commuter campers receive lunch time meals only with their fees. Resident  campers receive breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What if I need Medical Attention?

Medical attention for campers while at the Stephen Collins Foster Music  Camp will be available from Baptist Health Richmond, our local hospital.  A medical release form will be sent to each student prior to the  opening of their camp option. On the form you will be asked for health  insurance information and permission to treat your youngster should an  emergency situation require such action while at camp. All campers must  have the medical release form on file in order to attend camp.

What items need to be furnished by the student?

Please visit our Acceptance Packet page for specific information on what to bring for your particular camp.

Are there uniform or clothing restrictions?

Please visit our Acceptance Packet page for specific information on what to bring for your particular camp.


Instruments and Music?

Students are expected to bring their own instruments. In rare circumstances it is possible to use an instrument on loan from the University. This must be arranged with the camp director prior to camp. Percussionists should plan on bringing their own sticks, wind performers reeds, mutes and other needed items.

Scholarship Assistance versus Financial Assistance

We have two forms of financial assistance that campers and their families may apply for.
1.)Scholarship  Assistance is financial assistance given to a camper after they have  submitted an audition recording to our camp office. The monies given are  based upon musical ability and need for that particular  instrument/voice.

2.)Financial Assistance is assistance given to families who wish to  apply using our financial assistance form who are in need of funds in  order for their child to attend camp. Campers may apply for both  scholarship assistance and financial assistance if desired.

Are Cell Phones Permitted?

Yes, cell phones are permitted at camp, however, misuse of any such  device(such as having it on during music rehearsals) may result in loss  of cell phone privileges. We encourage campers to keep their phone as it  makes communication between family and camper easier. See our  Acceptance Packets for further information.

Is Internet Access Available?

Free guest wifi is available throughout campus.