World Percussion Workshop
June 18 - June 24, 2017

Professor C. Jason Koontz, director of Percussion Studies at Eastern Kentucky University would like to invite you to spend an intensive week immersed in world percussion performance, history, and education on the campus beautiful in Richmond, Kentucky.

The workshop is a highly performance oriented experience. Whether you are an experienced percussion student or a beginner with no musical background at all, you will find this an incredible experience. The workshop will involve the participants in daily rehearsals, culminating in a performance at the end of the week.

Prof. Jason Koontz will present daily lectures that will cover topics on the evolution of the various instruments in the Brazilian, African, and Caribbean musical idioms. The lectures will also include topics on arranging techniques, performance techniques, rhythmic fundamentals, and repertoire.

Every percussion player is an educator. As performers, we must be aware that many in our audience are experiencing these non-western instruments for the first time. With this awareness comes the responsibility for providing more information about its origins and capabilities than that of musicians of more familiar instruments.

Enrollment is limited and is expected to fill quickly.

For more information contact the camp director Ben Walker at (859) 622-3266 or by click here to email us.